A Bit About Moi

My life has tossed on glistening waves of chiffon as the sun has rose towards its zenith. And it’s ever since I have deviated from the crude content of slash-and-splash expectancy.

His enigma is neither obvious nor bland – chiseled from wood rather sculpted from marble. He just tickles my fancy all the time. It’s only with him when my world makes sense.

With Aymen, life has been and endless stream of lovely adventures, minor mishaps that turn to cocktail party banter, charming romance and just enough gravitas to keep us from floating away on a cloud of frivolity. It’s just an unapologetic pleasure in being who we are together.

Diplomacy is indeed the art of saying “Nice Doggie”, not until you find a rock but when you know that an albatross will eventually come flying and take a piss on those once-upon-a-time closest acquaintances whose cheap-minded titillations that are most reprehensible while I sit back and flutter my shimmering jewel-encrusted lids. Not one iota of sentiment is granted I tell you.

It’s post-ironic…….something or the other.

Well…as the recession of prejudice escalates, I hope I’m not too messianic or a trifle too satanic for I know that both sanity and insanity are not statistical.

Whatever miniscule doubts that were lingering at the back of head are now obsolete. Everything is extremely clear on who meditate and reincarnate themselves to onions and tomatoes and who real salts of the earth are. I might as well have a parchment on that too.

Studies and work are still a full throttle. But this doesn’t stop me from chomping on flavored cigars just for fun or being quick on the trigger on Xbox when two of us are basking in each others’ presence. Oh……I have my blueberry cheesecake and eat it too as I run on my terra firma almost every day. Getting a tighter grip on moolahs is mind-numbingly juvenile but I’d never commit faux pas. Bless you my original Cavalli and Jimmy Choos!!

Everything eventually sticks gingerly whether it’s swimming in unchartered waters or walking on eggshells.

I do nail my colors to the mast and color my nails with neons. I am souffléd with lavished superlatives.


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