Happy Eid!

The fashion conscious male youth of Pakistan has given up and is finding solace in buying dirt(y) cheap jeans from the hip Bazaars. But with the urban female populace the issues pertaining to the shape, lengths and sizes of Shalwars remain as unresolved as the Bermuda (shalwar) triangle mystery. Rajasthani, Patyala, Lukwani, or Sindhi? This season no one is cocksure. Designers/tailors don’t stitch on time or save nine. The Shalwar design philosophy is in a state of status quo. No parliamentary agenda can be of potential help. Power failures are causing heart failures (power doesn’t imply electricity here). Assemblies are dissolving just like ice cubes in the refrigerator. With the reinforcement of new budget, the prices of Daal, Petrol and Diamonds is almost the same. Diamonds are forever but Daal is not. Wish one could say the same for Petrol. But spirits fly (evaporate). Nothing is forever, except hope! With hope to write again about the indecisive Shalwar design state ( I don’t know if I will), it is an adious. 

Keep giggling, Eid Saeed! 


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