My Idio(ma)tic Expressions!

They say actions speak louder then words, or a picture paints a thousand words, but they also say words are weapons. Its all bark and no bite when they say we are all on the same boat but we’re actually on different ones pretending to be wearing our hearts on our sleeves. All hell has broken loose due to financial crunch which is going pedal to the metal and we’re all passing the buck to the oil dependency. All the new economy plans are turning out to be banana skin for various governments, we are becoming banana republic, aren’t we? My grandmother used to tell me that a bird in the hand is worth two In the Bush…so much for the Bush policies!! 

As soon as I got back in town, it’s like I’m back to the drawing board. People here are bending over backwards to know when I’m tying the knot. I already had too many chips on my shoulders before I left and now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Riyadh clouds do not have any silver lining, any argument or point raised with half open eyes to question the merit of anything is considered bullz in a china shop with abject contempt and enviable conviction, and I happen to be the one gnashing my teeth. My absence certainly hasn’t had any hearts growing fonder, has it? =) 

There are some glittery things that are gold to me and I am sometimes away with the fairies but that doesn’t mean that I’m always at cross purposes. Rome wasn’t built in one day but you can’t say that about Dubai, can you? Saudis wake up and smell the coffee at dunkin donuts but do they really know the real McCoy, the sixteen year old spoiled brats drive hummers like they’re driven over the edge themselves. Don’t they know they’ll be all riches to rags when once there will be a substitute for oil, then what’s wrong with me chewing the cud and the fat at the same time, what’s wrong with me building Burj Al Arab in the air? 

Greasing palms back in my country can be quite an icing on the cake, buttering parsnips with fine words can be as easy as a pie likewise but why do we forget that it takes two to tango? Everyone wants to be high on the hog but no one wants to be holding their horses or getting down to the brass tacks. Racing against the clock can be quite a pretention but why so impossible to get out of the rat race? Elvis is about to leave the building and people have begun to count their chickens already. But if Ali Azmat is trying to enter the building, then why is it so hot under the collar. 

Doing double degrees at the same time can be a hard nut to crack, but people around me are the ones having a sinking feeling about it like their pancreases are going to dry up and crack. No doubt these peeping Toms have nada entertainment back here, but why my personal details seem to be guaranteed to tug at their good-for-nothing brain strings. Sheikh Rashid has a reason to be at loggerheads with Nawaz uncle, but why are they already judging my book by the cover. They seem to be batting on the sticky wicket by recently starting to cheer our cricket team to the echo, what on this planet would they know anything about cricket? You don’t just become a cricket fan because you’re head over heels for the new kid on the block. I started watching cricket when Aqib Javed was the star in the making, that’s right, that was little before the end of twentieth century, what is their reason for jumping on the bandwagon. Why not hitching their own wagon to something, like not mincing their words with their own potty in a grinder. 

I will cut to the chase though, you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot otherwise you’re just some idiot banging on a chunk of metal, find a way to kick up your sneakers, all leopards can change their spots, striped zebras can be turned to checkered zebras or polka dot zebras. Stare, pry, listen and eavesdrop more, know something before kicking the bucket. Educating yourself doesn’t mean you have to go to China to grab polished degrees; it’s more about hitting the road to Damascus while you’re at it. Steal something from the school of hard knocks. Would you be rather under the false colors or be fluttering with flying colors. There’s nothing wrong to see the shades of grey, its not color blindness, it means you can’t even see your own favorite color. What’s wrong with seeing the color of your own shit? Oprah said you are what you eat and you can only tell that by your own shit, she didn’t say shit, but I can say shit. Anyways, gotta go swallow my pre-studies egg whites pronto. Keep resonating until you figure it out how to get you heads out of the sands! 


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